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Ride in Comfort.
All Day Long.

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Adjustable Handlebar to
Maximize the Cycling Fun.

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Enjoy Cycling.
Don’t Suffer.

Raising the Standard
on Quality.

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Awarded and Highly-Rated.

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A Heartfelt Commitment to
Cycling Technology.


Cycling Should Be Fun

For over 20 years we have focused on the optimization of the man and machine - rider and bicycle. We are constantly developing and improving a wide range of bike components; many of which are patented. We have won several awards for our unique products: trade journalists, and independent experts alike, highly rate our products. Today we hold a leading position in the highly competitive market for high-end bike components.

Our best seller is Speedlifter a convenient handlebar system that allows a tool-free and easy to operate height adjustment, anytime and anywhere.

Our top customers include bicycle manufacturers worldwide. A vast network of distributors and trade shops sell and install our top of the line systems.